I am Kofi Obrasi Ocran but I go by different aliases which reflect my personality and interests in different settings. Bra Krox Effectx, Bra Blood-Bought, Kofi Mupati, TheWannabeeWordsmith, just to name a few, are names one may call me by.
Well, I digressed. I am a Software Developer at Ek-brandconsult.com by Profession and found myself enjoying writing of articles and short pieces; I guess you might consider me a writer by Passion.

I chose to express and share my thoughts via my blog as it has proved to be the best way to broaden my scope of thinking as I expose my ideas to critique by everyone.

For sharing my thoughts about life from the Chrisitian perspective
Where I try to impress my audience with a level of literature prowess through poetry, satire, sarcasm and any means I deem appropriate to talk about contemporary issues of interest.
As the name implies, I share anything about technology especially Software Development. I seek to share what I've been able to learn and hopefully offer some guidance to aspiring Software Developers.